Hell if I know what to charge. I’m more than open to negotiation, but ain’t a retard and ain’t that desperate (though I do accept “exposure” as pay, depending on your reach/audience).

For grayscale sketches, ~15$

For my rough[ish]-lined but full style (color, shading (blended+cel), basic (might be drawn or photomanip) bg), ~50$

For things that have some higher degree of rendering, can hit the ~100$ region.

I don’t charge extra for NSFW because that’s stupid. Drawing tits and dicks is fun.
Prices are for one and a half characters (as in, if it’s a bodiless dick/hands, or if they’re both like half-body size).

I’m fine with extreme fetishes, though please understand my overall limitations.
For instance, I can draw cub and women (hello /ss/ fans), but my capabilities with men are lacking. I’m strong in more chibi-style (hence lots of shota), but more “tall-style” is less so.
The less clothes (or the less complicated the clothes), the better :^)

Max of 2 characters in a piece, and I require visual reference [preferably with color].

If interested, send inquiries to syotako23@protonmail.com.
Paypal, USD.


{Guess what? I write and do voice work, too, both lewd included. Ask for samples/info}